The power to know—wherever you are—that your boat is safe.

Get connected. Siren Marine’s new MTC Boat Monitoring and Tracking System relieves your worries about leaving your boat unattended on its trailer or in its slip. Monitor, track and control key systems that are shown below, and know that your vessel is safe from thieves, dead batteries or high water in the bilge.

Siren Marine Diagram

Using your smartphone, the Internet of Things (IoT) and new technology to make boating safer and more fun

Here’s a tale that is all too common: You left the boat all buttoned up on Sunday afternoon, and you’re pretty sure everything is OK, but some nagging doubts are starting to trouble your mind. Did you remember to turn the battery charger on? Has the battery bank gone dead again? Is the water level in the bilge rising? Is the engine due for an oil change? And what about those burglaries you read about on the marina bulletin board?

Is your pride and joy—your baby—going to be OK until the next time you return?

Boat owners, do you worry about your boat when it is all alone in its slip or on its trailer? We sure do, and that’s why we’re excited about a bunch of new electronic gadgets that give us some help with our peace of mind. It’s the Connected Boat, using your smartphone, the Internet and new technology, and giving you the power to know—wherever you are—that your boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy.

Where’s my boat?

For many boaters, security is a big concern, unless you’re one of the lucky folks whose vessel is tied to a dock right outside your back door. Fortunately, there are some new solutions.

Siren Marine MTC

Monitor your boat, track its location and status, control onboard systems such as cabin and cockpit lights, air conditioning, battery switches or bilge pumps and keep your vessel secure, almost anywhere in the world. This new Monitoring, Tracking and Control (MTC) system utilizes the global 3G cell phone network, the Internet of Things and an app you can view on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The MTC Device is the hub of the Siren Marine system.“Spade
The pinout for this device gives you an idea of the number of wired sensors you can connect.

Siren Marine users receive instant alerts if someone tries to break in, there’s water leaking into the bilge, shore power is disconnected, the refrigerator stops working, or the boat moves from its historical GPS position. Monitoring your boat via the Internet is not new, but what is new and unique is that Siren Marine’s device also lets you control your boat’s systems using remote switching. You can switch on a battery bank, control a bilge pump, or even turn the air conditioner on so the boat will be cool when your guests arrive.

The heart of Siren’s system is the MTC Device, an onboard black box that aggregates data from sensors on your boat and communicates with you using the GSM 3G cellular network. It monitors your boat’s location and battery voltage, right out of the box.

Add sensors to monitor other systems

Add wired or wireless motion detectors, reed switches and canvas snap sensors, and you’ll know if someone breaks in. You can then remotely sound a loud alarm, disconnect the boat’s main battery or switch on some bright lights to scare the intruder off. Siren Marine’s MTC allows you to switch up to four light-duty circuits (less than one amp each) or control high-amperage circuits with a Blue Sea Systems Remote Battery Switch.

Additional wired sensors are sold separately, and currently let you monitor and control shore power, DC accessories or the temperature of a cabin, engine room, fridge or bait locker. Connect any (normally open) float switch or high-water sensor, and get notice of high water in the bilge. Monitor your engine’s hours. Siren Marine will be adding more sensors, and wireless sensors, to their assortment in fall 2017.

There is a subscription required for Siren’s system. Their Service plan requires activation directly on after your MTC Device is installed. Annual Service Plan: $180.00; Monthly Service Plan: $17.97; Seasonal Service Plan: $125.00.

SPOT Trace

The author’s boat is at home in its slip, and is visible on the Marine Traffic app.

Do you just need a security device to keep track of your boat’s location? The SPOT Trace™ Theft-Alert Tracking Device lets you keep track of your boat, aircraft, motorcycle or other vehicle. Like the Siren device, SPOT Trace sends you alerts on your phone, tablet or computer when it detects that your vehicle has moved. Because SPOT Trace is waterproof (rated IP67 submersible), you can mount it in exposed locations. There’s a subscription for this device too, with the Basic tracking plan starting at $14.99 per month.

Marine Traffic

If your boat has a Class A or B AIS transceiver onboard, there’s a free app called Marine Traffic ( that shows your boat’s location. You just leave the AIS turned on and you can see where your boat is and be notified via email when it moves. This is a handy free app to share with your family and friends, and when you are out on the water they can go online and follow the progress of your voyage. This app only works when the vessel is in range of the AIS network, so it doesn’t work when you’re far offshore. For tracking, communication and emergency S.O.S. messaging, we have satellite-based devices like the SPOT gen3 and Garmin inReach Explorer+. See our West Advisor, Choosing a SEND Device, for more on satellite trackers.